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We have partnered with various retailers on the island to bring you some of the best activities to fill your island vacation. Whether you seek to get up close with marine life or just enjoy a leisurely sunset tour of the island, Isla Mujeres Retreats works with you and the tour operators to give you a great experience.

Contact us directly to book any of these adventure tours. You can join a public tour or charter your own custom tour. Just ask, we will do our best to make it happen.

All tours include equipment
Boating tours are contingent on weather
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Snorkel Reefs

Snorkel 3 Reef Spots

While you stay on Isla Mujeres, you can enjoy a private or public snorkel tour around the island. Depart early in the morning, midday or later afternoon for 4 hrs. Your snorkel tour will take you to the Lighthouse you see from the ferry, in the reef close to Playa Norte and if the conditions are right just off the coast on the Caribbean side of Punta Sur. Please let us know if you have any special requests. Public tours are $50 USD per person.

A private tour is offered at a flat rate price of $350.00 USD for up to 5 people. Additional people are $60.00 USD per person up to 10 people.

Your adventure includes water, soda and snacks. A midday tour we will see you at a local loncheria for a fresh fish lunch

Starts @ $50 / person
Private Tours Available, email for more details
Islam Mujeres Island Tours

Tour the Island

If snorkelling is not your thing, you can hire a boat privately to take you on a tour around the island. Stops include the Lighthouse, Punta Sur, the Bay, Playa Norte and more.

You are taken out early in the day to a small marina where you board a penga boat that will tour you around the island. This is a private tour in which you will have snacks and equipment to snorkel should you wish. Otherwise see this Amazing island from the water. Isla Mujeres is even more incredible to behold.

Your snorkelling tour also includes a stop at Playa Norte where you can jump in and swim while the captain makes fresh ceviche for you and your friends. After this, enjoy a beautiful, relaxing ride back to the marina.

$55 / person
Snacks & Alcohol Available
Isla Mujeres Bay Fishing

Let's Go Fishing'

Fishing around the Isla Mujeres bay, there are some great fish to be caught. Locals go out everyday to bring back fish to sell at the local restaurants who offer fresh caught fish on the menu.

You are taken out onto the Bay fishing. Your fishing trip on the bay includes the equipment, crew, soft drinks and bottles of water. The usual catch here is barracuda, snapper and caribbean yellow tail. You will spend a total of 4hrs relaxing with an ice cold cerveza catching that nights dinner.

When you come in from the water, take your catch over to a local restaurant. For a nominal fee you can pay to have the chef prepare your fish. What better way to have a great seafood dinner? Eat what you caught, cooked to your request.

$400 for 4 hours
Full day tours available

Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing is the most common of fishing techniques used to catch fish that are found near the sea floor. After you get to the marina, the crew will take you out on the Caribbean side of the island for a fun 6 hours of bottom fishing and soaking up the sun.

Included with your trip is all of the equipment, the crew and the bait. The fish you will catch on this trip include red snapper, grouper, huachinango and triguer fish. The later is a really nice white fish done right as fish and chips.

$600 for 6hrs
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Book Your Winter Escape

Isla Mujeres Retreats is the place to look when you need a vacation rental all year round. The right place at the right price, just email us and let us know what you are looking for. We will be happy to hep you out.

$35 - $200 / night Isla Mujeres Apartment Rentals

Deep Sea Fishing

Come fish the deep seas with Isla Mujeres Retreats! This trip, like many of the others, also includes snacks and soft drinks, waters and cold refreshing beer. What is fishing the ocean without a nice cold frosty one!

Out on the water for 8 hours, you have the opportunity to catch king mackerel, or the kingfish as it is known, sail fish, both blue and white marlin.

We are sailing out into open water so you can take your time and bring home the right catch. There are three types of boats available, regular fishing boat, a sport catamaran and a yacht.

Starts $875 USD regular boat Sport Cat $1150 USD and Yacht $1500 USD

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